A Certain Mister Jackson

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The Management

To any and all future employers this is not me trying to say I want to be in management, keep me the hell away from responsible for other people. I’ll get my work done, you wrangle the rest of kiddies into doing theirs aight?

*Unless I get overtime for theirs, then I might gladly consider doing theirs

Annnnnnnddddd!If you like the comics, send a coffee my way!

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E3 2018

I may or may not have dressed up and gotten into shape to represent my favorite team…

Also I gotta acknowledge the fact that the strip is late again. I didn’t wanna paint my friends in broad strokes (or draw em all) for laughs so you guys get one of those “I had to explain to my mom” moments. I love her but she knows not of my nerd ways. It’s cool though


Site SNAFU’s and Other things

So in a pretty glorius round of, “Josh knows not the folly of his ways” I tried hosting my website on my own, and while it was indeed glorious I hit a few major snags that I just can’t deal with and keep dealing with so we’re back with the free wordpress blog for now. So while I’m sorry its been an un-fun two weeks but the best learning experiences come from being bitten in the ass.

As and added bonus the weekly comics have gotten moved over to Saturdays instead of Tuesdays

Sorry yo, I’m hard headed, but there will be things cause I like doing this