Contact//Mister Josh(ua) Jackson

Hiya! I figured I'd write a little about me section here because I don't like the pre-formatted e-mail contact info page that most folks would use. It opens up outlook and as a person whose scared of missing connections because my spam filter felt like being overzealous



I'm Josh, and I really like to draw. 

Like I REALLY like to draw, but I really enjoy drawing characters and the worlds and spaces they inhabit. Its strange because I don't get to the world designing part often because I get stuck on the characters fairly often. So much about how people live is often conveyed in their choice, or non-choice, of clothes how they move, and how they interact with the world and the people around them so it feels like with just the characters there's already so much to explore and try to imagine its almost a little overwhelming. So I sit and I think, and I draw and think and I draw and I wind up never drawing a background because I still haven't quite nailed what that character might be going through or experiencing.

I say all this to say that I hope that when you look at my work that you can get some kind of hint into the lives of the people that I draw and it inspires you to dream up the kind of place they might fit into. Whether or not you end up hiring me for a job or not, my first concern as an artist who draws people is that you can get a sense of who these fine folks might be and become interested in learning more about them

Feel free to contact me at my e-mail