Grill Daddies - Samuel Jenkins The Grill Daddy Jenkins

Samuel Jenkins The Grill Daddy joins the fray for Grill Daddy Supremacy!

Based around an imaginary contest called The Grill Daddy Competition, an all-out, no-holds-bar, food fight for bragging rights and an unparalleled home cooking exposure contest held every 4 years!

Samuel Jenkins is man of many things and quite possibly of few words especially when he's working the grill. He's one of the most humble of the contestants gathered here but don't let the simplicity of working a Weber fool you. This man throws down on the grill, the meats marinaded to perfection and grilled to divine absolution. If you thought simplicity was the lack of nuance boy do I have news for you, there's a reason why Jenkins has been nicknamed THE grill daddy and its not because of our lack of creative titles.