Grill Daddies - Eddie Sanchez The Rouge Chef

The Rouge Chef Eddie Sanchez joins the fray for Grill Daddy Supremacy!

Based around an imaginary contest called The Grill Daddy Competition, an all-out, no-holds-bar, food fight for bragging rights and an unparalleled home cooking exposure contest held every 4 years!

Tbh we have no idea where Eddie came from, he's clearly driving a renovated U-Hawl, and it appears that he maybe lives in the roof the truck? We don't know, we don't care and we don't ask questions so long as you can cook. Lemme tell you, boy can Eddie cook! That giant taco ain't for show, when it comes to getting that delicious al pastor on that spit eddie is second to none, in fact now that I think about you order anything with pork off the menu and youre guaranteed a good eat. Just don't ask about his past or why he's driving from state to state.