A Certain Mister Jackson

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Time and Time Again

This happens a lot actually, and I’m partly to blame beacause I’ll usually just go for it especially during summer. It’s interesting though cause I think the folks I like the most will usually offer to reschedule or something. Those are the real MVP’s. I really gotta start valuing my own time a lot more

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Fucking Art My Dudes: A Fine Comic

I have words about this, but ultimately the basis of art as a commodity is absurd to me, but I also want to eat and live comfortably. So the mantra will always and forever be, fuck you pay me. I’m lucky that I rarely have to say that to friends, ya’ll are too good to me.

Also sorry I’m late, I turned 27 and we, we being me and what felt like 50 some odd people, celebrated and had a good time and I didn’t stay on top of things. #mybad
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